Wireless Electricity: Nicola Tesla Style



Electricity delivered without wires has been a dream of inventors and individuals alike for centuries Think about it…wireless electricity (WiTricity) could not only eliminate wires but also do away with expensive batteries that account for billions of dollars wasted every year. What many people don’t know is that wireless electric power can be delivered over short distances.

It’s a phenomenon which relies on electromagnetic coupling between two objects whose magnetic fields are set to the same frequency. It was practically demonstrated by a MIT team recently in 2007. The theory and the work goes back a century to Nicola Tesla.

If you are still wondering about all that you can do with wireless transfer of power, take a look at the video demo. Eric Giller (CEO of WiTricity Corporation) takes you from the early years of development to the present day. And how it can change our future with instant wireless power and a world free of polluting batteries. One day, it could power our television sets, laptops and any device that we care to use. It is an innovation that could take a load off our planet.