SpiderBot The Amazing Climbing Robot



Spiderman isn’t the only one who can climb walls anymore: Crawling its way out of a robotics lab comes Spidey’s robot alter ego. Not exactly in android form yet, the robotic contraption is more of a study in motion planning but is still a cool concept. The university’s robotics lab defines the demonstration as a “cable suspended robot capable of maneuvering from one stance space to another by clinging to new contact points.”

For now, we have only the video above to go on. It appears that the robot has four ‘limbs’ outfitted with grapplers. Simply speaking, the robot is suspended from a cable. A program controls the path the robot has to take. The actual motion is through the four grapplers which shoot out and adhere to surfaces. The robot is able to swivel and maneuver using its four limbs. The look may not remind you of our arachnid superhero, but the theory certainly does. It definitely is a work in progress.

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