The Ping Pong Gun with a Deadly Punch



You wouldn’t want to be in close range of this beastly pneumatic ping pong ball gun. A ping pong ball is hardly destructive. But filled with water and propelled by compressed air, the tiny balls become painful projectiles. How painful? Well, the ball penetrated¬†through plywood board and drywall.

The gun is long barreled and carries a magazine of 14 ping pong balls filled with water. The magazine is a short cylinder which holds the 14 shots and loads them one at a time into the long barrel with a press of a trigger. The second press of the trigger pneumatically pressurizes the gun. Press the trigger again and the air gets released through a valve. The sheer pneumatic force launches the ping pong ball.

The pneumatic ping pong gun made by Ron Kessinger runs off of a compressed air line and a standard wall outlet.  See the gun in action in the top video and in three more videos.

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