Project Grizzly Fighting Bears With DIY Body Armor



Along with forgetting to trim their hipster beards, one big mistake that many grizzly bear enthusiasts make is not wearing body armor. Troy James Hurtubise didn’t forget, and there’s even a documentary to prove it.

In Peter Lynch’s Project Grizzly, Hurtubise goes head to head with Canada’s most deadly land mammal, wearing what he hopes is a grizzly-proof suit (this was, mind you, filmed back in 1996, in the days before friendly robot bears). Throughout the film — a cult classic in the United States and a favorite of director Quentin Tarantino (if not of Werner Herzog) — he tests his mettle and metal in stunts that are both terrifying and absolutely hilarious.

If you and your family make time for one feature-length man vs. bear documentary this weekend, make it this one.

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